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Our Mission

The Mission Statement of the Macdellar school is “Giving peace to children through education”.

The school’s motto is “focus, the resistant coat”.  That is, with focus and determination, one will not fail.

Students enjoying the outdoors at the Macdellar school.

Our Philosophy

Education in Ghana (and for that matter the whole world) is the key, whether it be formal or informal. It is the right tool for a successful nation.

Basic education especially is very significant as the foundation for building a successful nation.


Therefore we feel it is an essential “call” to help give a future to the poor, needy and deprived children in our municipality and on the various island communities. "The young shall grow” as we say.

Students working at desk at Macdellar school.


The vision of the Macdellar school:

  1. To support children through education.

  2. To care for orphans and deprived children.
  3. To identify potential in children and help develop them.

  4. To establish a vocational or technical institution in the future to help those who drop out of school to regain hope in their future. This will also help to reduce unemployment issues in Ghana.

Programs & Activities

As for the school's academic areas, we teach the following subjects: English language, mathematics, integrated science, social studies, religious and moral education, Basic Design and Technology (BDT), computer studies (ICT), Ghanaian language (Ewe). This is in line with the Ghana Education Service curriculum.

In addition to these, there is another important program which is crucial to the vision of Macdellar: cultural dances and vocations.

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